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The Bachelor’s in Geology program is intended for those who wish to directly enter the geology/earth science profession upon completion of the degree. The degree itself offers the most flexibility for those who wish to work in the field or wish to further their education at the graduate level. The Bachelor’s in Geology degree has been recognized and approved by the American Institute of Professional Geologists, a national organization that certifies professional geologists. Coursework can be tailored to emphasize environmental geoscience or fossil fuels.

In addition with the Bachelor’s in Geology degree, two other areas of emphasis are also offered.

Areas of Emphasis:

  • Bachelor’s in Geology with an emphasis in Engineering

This area of emphasis has been designed to meet the increasing demand for geoscientists who are trained in the acquisition, interpretation, and use of earth materials (rock, soil, ground water) for the solution of engineering problems. The program provides geologists with specific training that will enable them to effectively interact with and support engineers. Its curriculum involves additional coursework in math, physics, and engineering. By completing this curriculum, candidates will automatically complete the requirements for a minor in engineering.

  • Bachelor’s in Geoscience with an emphasis in Environmental Science

This area accounts for 30% of all geoscientists who are currently employed in the U.S. The area of emphasis in environmental geoscience utilizes an interdisciplinary curriculum which will prepare graduates for careers involving the application of geologic concepts to the solution of environmental problems. These problems include 1) the protection of human health and natural ecosystems from environmental degradation, and 2) the protection of human health and the environment from geohazards such as floods, earthquakes, and landslides through land-use planning.


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