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Students will be provided with knowledge and skills immediately useful to contractors, consulting engineers, surveyors,architects, industrial firms, utilities, and certain government agencies. Employment opportunities open to graduates include structural design, construction materials analysis, surveying (construction, land, mining and control), and assisting civil engineers in the analysis, design, and construction of other facilities.

The Civil Engineering Technology program publishes the following program educational objectives as broad statements describing expected accomplishments of its graduates during the first few years after graduation.

Program Educational Objectives

Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering Technology

Baccalaureate degree graduates will demonstrate additional depth and breadth to the program educational objectives stated above.
In addition, the following accomplishments are also expected of baccalaureate degree graduates.

  1. Graduates perform analysis and design in the structures, construction and public works disciplines of civil engineering.

  2. To provide breadth for additional job opportunities, graduates possess a working knowledge in geotechnics, hydraulics, hydrology, surveying, transportation systems, and water and wastewater systems.

  3. Graduates manage technical activities in support of civil engineering infrastructure

  4. Graduates produce and utilize basic construction documents and perform basic analysis and design of system components in civil engineering infrastructure.

  5. Graduates function effectively on professional teams and communicate with speaking, writing, and graphical skills.

  6. Graduates respect professional, ethical, and social issues as well as a commitment to quality and dependability.

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