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The goal of the Bachelor’s in Health Services Management degree program at Bluefield State College is to provide students with the learning opportunities needed to acquire the foundational business administration and specialized health services management knowledge and skills to enter or advance in the healthcare management field. The Health Services Management program mission is to develop ethical and competent managers and leaders who are capable of effectively managing healthcare organizations and facilitating change in our complex and continually evolving healthcare industry, thus improving the organization and delivery of healthcare services in the state, the region, and the nation.

The Bachelor’s in Health Services Management provides students the opportunity to complete the requirements for a degree that is targeted to those who are seeking a career in middle and top level healthcare management positions or wish to go on to obtain a Master’s Degree in Health Administration or other chosen field. The program also provides employed allied health practitioners with the opportunity to further their education to improve their job performance and/or improve their qualifications for advancement. Job opportunities exist in at least twenty-four different categories of healthcare organizations.

There is a 120 total credit hour requirement for the generic bachelor’s degree in Health Services Management. These credit hours include 30 credit hours in health services management specialization courses which includes an internship credit of 4 hours and 3 credit hours in health promotion, 37-38 credit hours of required basic and core skills requirements, 33 credit hours in required general business, management, and accounting courses, and 16-17 elective credit hours. Graduates of associate degree programs may begin the program as a junior and must complete the required programmatic courses and baccalaureate core course requirements.

Examples of job opportunities in Health Services Management include:

  • Supervisory, specialized staff, management and/or executive positions in: Hospitals; Hospital Management companies; Retirement communities, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities; Doctors/medical group offices; Home health care companies; Freestanding surgery centers, medical imaging centers, and cancer centers; Respiratory care companies;

  • Supervisory, specialized staff, middle management, and/or sales positions for other health services companies or agencies such as: Pharmaceutical companies; Medical equipment companies; Management consulting companies; Insurance companies; Healthcare staffing companies; Government health agencies at the local, state, and national level.

Note: the specific types of positions that HSM graduates can apply for will vary depending upon the category of health care organization and depending upon the individual company.

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