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Bluefield State College’s Bachelor’s in Humanities program is primarily designed to prepare students for post-bachelor study in English, communications, journalism, or law and also for careers in the private, public, or non-profit sectors domestically or abroad and to provide a liberal arts education and, thereby, service the General Studies curriculum of the college.

Beyond the general studies requirements, students in the Humanities program must complete 36 hours of Humanities core courses, 30 hours of English specialization, and 15 hours of Restricted Electives OR 15 hours in Professional Communication Arts. The capstone course, Projects in the Humanities, is part of the humanities core and is taken during the senior year.

The Humanities major must earn a 2.0 quality point average on all work applied to the general studies requirements, the Humanities core, including the capstone course, English specialization, and restricted electives or Professional Communication Arts minor. A minor in Professional Communication Arts or Literature is available to non-Humanities majors.

Programmatic Outcomes

The Humanities Program has identified six Programmatic Student Learning Outcomes used to assess how well our degree program is meeting its performance objectives:

  1. Write coherent, organized, well-developed arguments using the conventions of written English and source citation.

  2. Demonstrate effective oral communication, including meaningful organization, delivery, diction, and supporting materials in class presentations and verbal participation.

  3. Demonstrate information literacy, including the extent of information needed, strategies for information retrieval, primary/ secondary source evaluation, and critical application in research.

  4. Demonstrate intercultural knowledge and competence, including cultural self-awareness, different cultural worldviews, empathy, curiosity, and openness.

  5. Demonstrate critical thinking through the clear explanation of issues, critical use of evidence, recognition of assumptions, taking informed positions, and making logical conclusions.

  6. Demonstrate foreign language competency through reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

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