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The mission of the Bachelor’s in Nursing Program is to provide students an opportunity for quality baccalaureate nursing education that is both affordable and geographically accessible, and prepares students to meet the diverse health care needs of the community, state, and nation. The nursing faculty is committed to planning and implementing a quality baccalaureate program for registered nurses which promotes students’ intellectual, personal, ethical, and cultural development in a diverse and caring environment. The scope of professional nursing education is believed to be one that enables and empowers the student to recognize the ethical, legislative, economic, regulatory, and political aspects that define the scope of professional nursing practice. The roles inherent in the status of the professional nurse include but are not limited to: provider of direct and indirect care, designer/manager/coordinator of care, member of a profession, patient advocate and educator, and life-long learner.

 Students may complete support courses at Bluefield State College or other colleges or universities. Completion of the Bachelor’s in Nursing degree requires a total of 120 credit hours.

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