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Bluefield State College’s Office of International Initiatives invites applications from students around the world and newly arrived immigrants in the college’s service area to enroll in its English for International Students (EFIS) program. This program is designed to help the language learner improve English proficiency in order to pursue an undergraduate degree at Bluefield State College. EFIS focuses on developing the language learner’s competencies in listening, comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing English prior to being admitted into the college’s academic degree programs.

Program highlights include: intensive English to prepare for university study; academic advising throughout the program; small classes which generally do not exceed 10 students; highly trained and experienced instructors; integrated access to all college facilities and events. All EFIS students, except Permanent Students and CBYX students, are required to stay in the student residence for the duration of the program for positive intercultural and language immersion experiences.

EFIS Academic Calendar:

Basic EFIS courses are offered in the fall (mid-August – mid-December) and Summer Session I and Advanced EFIS courses in spring (mid-January- mid-May) and Summer Session II. EFIS students complete computer-based exercise drills.


EFIS is designed for English language learners who wish to study at Bluefield State College but who have not met the required TOEFL or IELTS test scores that Bluefield State College will accept for direct admission.
Students with paper based TOEFL scores of 450-499 or Internet based TOEFL scores from 55 – 60 OR IELTS scores from 4 – 5 or EIKEN Grade 2 Level may enroll in the EFIS Program for college preparation.


Applications for fall semester EFIS classes must be received by June 1.
Applications for Summer EFIS classes must be received by March 1.

Upon successful completion of the EFIS Program, students will receive a pre-baccalaureate certificate of completion indicating the English proficiency requirement for admission to Bluefield State College have been met. All regular admission policies of Bluefield State College apply to EFIS graduates who wish to enroll in a degree program at Bluefield State College.

Information on courses, tuition, and visa’s can be found in the PDF linked below.

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