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The Bachelor’s in Education degree will qualify a teacher candidate for recommendation of initial licensure to the West Virginia Department of Education. This is a requirement, even if the candidate intends to teach in another state. Through reciprocal licensure agreements, graduates may qualify for 92 licensure in other states. Graduates may receive one-year probationary certification while filing to become a citizen of the United States, or when filing a declaration of intent to become a naturalized citizen.

Graduation criteria includes the completion of a minimum of 120 hours, the required Grade Point Averages, successful completion of all state-required tests, and the completion of all coursework to meet program certification requirements.

Candidates who enter the Bachelor’s in Education program, and graduate with a Bachelor’s in Education, may seek certification in the following areas:

  • Elementary (Grades K-6) prepares candidates to teach in elementary schools. This program may be combined with additional specializations.

  • Content Specializations (Grades 5-9, 5-Adult, 9-Adult) prepare teacher candidates to teach at the secondary level.

  • Content Specializations (Pre K-Adult) prepare teacher candidates to teach in early education through adult education.

  • A Special Education Endorsement in Multi-categorical K-6 may be combined with Elementary K-6.

  • A Special Education Endorsement in Multi-categorical 5-Adult may be combined with a secondary core content specialization

  • Early Childhood Special Education (Pre K-K) prepares teacher candidates to teach children from birth through kindergarten, with and without exceptionalities.

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