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The Bachelor’s in History degree encompasses politics, economics, science and technology, culture and social relationships, perspectives, ideas, values, and attitudes.  A degree in the discipline will prepare a person for a broad range of careers and graduate training in the historical professions, in historical preservation, in education, law, the social sciences, business, and other professions.

The degree of Bachelor of Arts with a major in history requires successful completion of 120 semesters hours, including (1) the Program of General Studies which must include six hours of one modern language; (2) courses within the history program OR the history of philosophy program as outlined below; and (3) a program of electives or a minor as worked out with the student’s adviser.

History of Philosophy Program

The Philosophy Program explores the fundamental problems of knowledge, truth and reason, the nature of reality, existence, meaning, and value, ethical conduct, and aesthetic phenomena.  It develops the analytical, critical, and communication skills applicable to a wide range of disciplines in the Arts, Humanities, Sciences, and Professional Degree Programs.  It encourages self-discovery and responsible, effective civic engagement.

The Philosophy Program provides practical training for a wide range of careers including philosophy, religion, law and public service.

Students may pursue a major in the History of Philosophy of a minor in Philosophy.  The Program also works closely with other Divisions and Professional Degree Programs to enable students to pursue a second major or a minor in philosophy to support their career objectives.

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