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The English as a Second Language (ESL) program at Concord University is an 18 hours a week, in class course available every Fall, Spring and Summer semester. The goal of this program is to increase confidence using social and academic English for the purpose of continuing on to a degree seeking student at Concord University through reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, vocabulary, and the TOEFL assessment. Completing all aspects of this course gives students the skills needed to succeed in their academic and everyday life.

Available courses:

  • ESL Oral Communication

    • The Oral communication course is designed to focus on pronunciation, fluency and confidence.

  • ESL Academic Listening

    • The Academic Listening course is designed to prepare students for academic classes through a variety of lessons using a number of multimedia tools.

  • ESL Reading and Writing

    • The Reading and Writing course is designed to assist students in their ability to write coherently focusing on sentence structure, proper grammar, and vocabulary.

  • TOEFL Preparation

    • The TOEFL preparation class focuses on improving TOEFL scores through numerous lessons and practice in order to prepare students for the paper based test administered on campus.

  • Cultural Awareness

    • The Cultural Awareness class is devoted to teaching students the different aspects of living in the United States through lecture, role plays, field trips, and other activities.

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