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The RBA (Regents Bachelor of Arts) Degree Program is a non-traditional program that is designed for adults who are interested in obtaining a bachelor’s degree.

The RBA Degree Program may be appropriate for persons who have gained knowledge outside the traditional classroom. For example, knowledge gained through professional experience may be comparable to that which is traditionally gained in the classroom.  Students may demonstrate experiential knowledge through a written portfolio that is evaluated by appropriate faculty members.

Admission to the RBA Degree Program is accomplished in accord with the following regulations:

  • Admission is not available to those who have earned an accredited U.S. four year bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

  • Applicants may not be admitted to the RBA Degree Program until four years have elapsed since the graduation of their high school class.

  • Applicants currently under suspension from any college, university or institution may not be admitted to the RBA Degree Program until the suspension period has expired.

  • Applicants may not be simultaneously enrolled in the RBA Degree Program and in another degree program.

  • A student is considered for admission by submitting the statewide undergraduate admission application form to Concord University.

  • The applicant must also complete the Concord RBA application.

A total of 120 credit hours is required to graduate from the RBA Program along with a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or better.

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