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The Bachelor’s in Aviation Technology degree combines technical skills competency in one of three aviation-related specialty areas (options) with aerospace business and management skills.

Aviation-related specialty areas

  • Aviation Maintenance – Management Option

    This degree option prepares the graduate for a career as an Aircraft Maintenance Manager.   Although Aircraft Maintenance Managers typically begin their careers as Aircraft Maintenance Technicians (AMT), they possess the skills required to transition into entry level supervisory positions as experience and opportunity allow.

    Aircraft Maintenance Managers are responsible for supervising aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul functions with major and regional airline maintenance operations, to include airline major maintenance base operations and airline line maintenance operations; Part 145 overhaul and major maintenance base operations; aircraft, powerplant and component manufacturing operations; corporate aviation operations, armed forces flight operations; and small aircraft general aviation fixed base maintenance operations.

  • Aviation Administration – Management Option

    This degree option prepares the graduate for entry level employment in administrative areas relating to the aviation/aerospace industry.  Typical job titles include, but are not limited to airport manager, flight dispatcher, flight scheduler, air traffic controller, crew coordinator, air cargo administrator, FAA program administrator, and operations manager.  Graduates earn a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Administration.

  • Aviation Administration – Professional Flight Option

    Graduates of this option, in addition to completing requirements for the Aviation Administration – Management option, also complete a Professional Flight component leading to entry level employment as a professional pilot.

    Graduates receive a private certification, instrument rating, commercial certification, multi-engine rating, CFI, CFII, and MEI instructor certifications.  Graduates also qualify for entry level positions in job classifications such as airport management, flight dispatcher, flight scheduler, air traffic controller, crew scheduler, air cargo operations manager, and administrative positions with the Federal Aviation Administration.


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