Bachelor’s in Teaching – Fairmont State University

The Bachelor’s in Education at Fairmont State University provides opportunities for candidates seeking initial or advanced certification in a variety of teaching specializations with both undergraduate and graduate programs. Programs are designed to fulfill the mission and vision of Fairmont State University and to reflect our Conceptual Framework and our commitment to prepare Reflective and Responsive Educators who have the Knowledge, Skills and Dispositions to Help All Students Learn.

Graduates of the Bachelor’s in Teacher Education Program at Fairmont State University are prepared to meet the certification standards of West Virginia and many other states. Nationally and throughout West Virginia there is a need for special education, science and mathematics teachers, and in communities across our state there are needs for teachers with a variety of other specializations. In addition to encouraging candidates to consider these high-need, shortage areas, Fairmont State University actively seeks to increase the diversity of its teacher candidates and the faculty who work with them.


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