Bachelor’s in English – Fairmont State University

A Bachelor’s in English degree answers to contemporary demands for flexible reading, writing, and analytical skills in private, social, and public realms, including career opportunities and graduate and professional studies. Students who intend to pursue a career as a licensed teacher in West Virginia major in English Education (Bachelor’s in Education). Students with English degrees are sought across a range of employment fields, from journalism, education, publishing, and public affairs to marketing, sales, entertainment, and human resources, to name but a few.

The Bachelor’s degree in English is most effective for students who wish to pursue a law degree, and, of course, prepares students for graduate study in English at the master’s level. Classes focus on Composition, Literature, Creative Writing and Technical Writing.

In addition to the Bachelor’s in English and a teaching specialization in English Education, several minors are also available in business and technical writing, literature, and teaching English as a second language.


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