Bachelor’s in Family and Consumer Sciences – Fairmont State University

The discipline of Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) combine the natural and social sciences when it empowers individuals and families across their life span to manage the challenges of living and working in a diverse global society. FACS at Fairmont State is either a Bachelor’s in Education 5-Adult or a Bachelor’s in FACS.  There are five areas of study within the discipline. They are Clothing and Textiles, Foods and Nutrition, Housing and Home Furnishings, Human Development and the Family, and Management and Consumer Economics.

Family and Consumer Sciences have a large variety of career opportunities for individuals. An individual can expand the areas of interest and find many different types of career. The career may be as a teacher in a formal classroom from the 5 grade to adult. The career may also be outside the classroom in business, industry, or education.

Pursuable careers in FACS can include:

  • Teaching

  • Designing

  • Manager

  • Sales Personnel

  • Director

  • Chef

  • Food Scientist

  • Child Development

  • Consumer Specialist


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