Bachelor’s in History – Fairmont State University

Students completing a bachelor’s degree in history may enter professional practice in academic history (teaching and writing), public history (archives and special research, consultancy), or publishing (print, electronic, film and television documentary).

The History program offers two types of degrees. 

  1. The Bachelor of Arts degree in History, which requires the study of foreign languages, is a good choice for students seeking a core liberal arts education and who may wish to pursue postgraduate study in the humanities.

  2. The Bachelor of Science degree in History develops basic capabilities in statistics, social science, and computer science. It is a good choice for students interested in the modern social sciences approach to historical understanding.

Both History majors include core introductory courses in U.S. and world history as well as specialized courses on chronological eras, such as the Civil War or 19th century Europe, and thematic fields, like gender/sexuality, culture, and revolutions.


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