Bachelor’s in Sociology – Fairmont State University

Sociology is the systematic study of society and human activity. The Bachelor’s in Sociology degree is designed to enhance the student‘s ability to understand various forms of social and cultural interaction. With an emphasis on both sociological and anthropological theory and research, the sociology degree is useful preparation for advanced graduate study as well as entry-level employment.

The Bachelor’s in Sociology program will expand a student‘s ability to question and understand various forms of social interaction in social and cultural systems. The courses offered will provide knowledge of the substantive areas of sociology and anthropology, the use of concepts and research techniques of sociological investigation, and background in sociological theory.

Majors will also study how social policy intersects with culture and values, how norms are formed and influence our behavior, problems that face our society and how we can use the scientific method to lean about and attempt to correct them, and how society is organized and what our place in it means for our lived experiences.


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