Bachelor’s in Spanish – Fairmont State University

The Bachelor’s in Spanish program at Fairmont State University is designed to address the linguistic and cultural proficiency needs of our students by gradually developing speaking, comprehension, reading and writing skills while gaining an understanding of Spanish-speaking cultures both outside and inside of the United States. The Spanish program adheres to the Standards of Foreign Language Learning established by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).

Students can choose to study Spanish by obtaining a Bachelor’s in Spanish, by integrating Spanish into their chosen careers as double majors, or by declaring a minor. In addition, students can choose to obtain a Bachelor’s in Education with a teaching specialization in Spanish for grades pre k-adult. The program offers a variety of courses aimed at helping students reach their career goals.

Being proficient in Spanish makes students marketable abroad and for the growing number of domestic fields requiring bilingual workers. Elementary and upper level courses prepare them for careers. Even students who minor in Spanish become fluent by the time they meet their requirements. Spanish majors are introduced to Hispanic culture and history in the United State, Latin America and Spain.


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