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The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree is an alternative and accelerated means for college graduates with degrees in liberal arts, fine arts, and professional fields to attain teacher licensure. Designed for both recent graduates who want to enhance their employability and for professionals with a Bachelors degree who are seeking to change careers, the MAT enables candidates to enter the classroom prepared to teach and to qualify for the higher salary level for teachers with a Masters. The program provides the professional education courses and clinical experiences – including student teaching – necessary to prepare candidates for teaching in a specific content area in grades PreK-Adult, 5-Adult, or 9-Adult (see Specializations for a list of all certification options). The MAT program does not currently offer licensure in Elementary Education or Special Education; however an endorsement in Special Education may be added after the initial license in a content area is earned.

Candidates applying to the MAT program must have:

  • Requested a transcript analysis from the SoEHHP Office of Certification to evaluate courses from the undergraduate degree against the requirements for licensure in the secondary content specialization areas offered through Fairmont State (see contact information below).

  •  Satisfactorily completed 75% of the required content credit hours for their specialization prior to admissions to Graduate Studies. (Candidates needing to complete content courses may be admitted as a non-degree student to enroll in content courses, and apply to the MAT program upon completion of the pre-requisite course conditions.)

  • Provided a report of a passing score on the Praxis II content test for admission to Graduate Studies.

Once admitted to the MAT program, candidates must complete all remaining required content specialization courses prior to being recommended for licensure by the West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE). In addition to content specialization coursework, MAT candidates also complete 38 credit hours of required graduate program core and professional education coursework, and clinical experiences.


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