Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Studies – Glenville State College

The Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Studies Program (IDS) allows students to accomplish a range of goals, including incorporating differing fields of interest into a college degree.

The degree requirements are as follows:

  1. All general institutional requirements for the Bachelor’s degree (e.g. a required minimum of 120 hours, 39 of which must be upper division level).

  2. The General Education program (39 hours).

  3. A concentration area from two or more disciplines of at least 48 hours of classes, half of which must be upper division level. Each concentration area must include at least 15 hours in courses within the concentration.

  4. Students and their advisors will develop their own concentration area from courses already in the catalog. The concentration area consists of a combination of courses having a clear central purpose and aimed at a specific learning objective that is different from objectives of the major fields of study established at Glenville State College. Hours not required in the concentration area or by the college will be electives.

  5. A student entering the Interdisciplinary Studies program after the semester in which the student has accumulated 90 credit hours must have a 2.5 average. In order to graduate with an IDS degree, a student must have at least a 2.5 GPA.

  6. All Interdisciplinary Study programs must be approved in advance by the appropriate department chairpersons and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Among possible Interdisciplinary Studies concentrations are:

  • Broad Cast Media

  • Business Communications

  • Business Spanish

  • Child Development

  • Computational Science

  • Educational Psychology

  • Environmental Studies

  • Fine Arts

  • Recreation and Leisure


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