Bachelor’s in Nursing – Glenville State College

The Pre-Nursing program offered at Glenville State College is available as a transfer program with the WVU School of Nursing — one year of prerequisites at Glenville State, and then a transfer to WVU Institute of Technology for three years, leading to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing awarded by West Virginia University.

For entry into the pre-nursing program, it is recommended students have an ACT composite score of 20 or greater or an equivalent SAT score. The student must furnish an official transcript from an accredited high school which indicates successful completion of the following courses: Biology – 1 unit; Chemistry – 1 unit; English – 4 units; Mathematics – 3 units including at least 2 units in Algebra. Students who have not completed these courses will be considered on an individual basis. Enrollment in foundation courses may be necessary before beginning the usual freshman year courses.

Registration in the pre-nursing program during the freshman year at Glenville State does not ensure admission to the Bachelor’s in Nursing program. Formal application for admission to the Bachelor’s in Nursing program takes place early in the second semester of the freshman year. The freshman year of this program is completed at Glenville State College. The sophomore, junior and senior years are completed at West Virginia University Institute of Technology, Montgomery, West Virginia. Graduates of this program will officially graduate from West Virginia University.


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