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The Bachelor’s in Chemistry allows students to obtain high quality instruction in chemistry as a scientific discipline, obtain a sound background in preparation for advanced studies, meet the qualifications of professional chemists and accrediting agencies, and prepare for a professional career in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, medical technology, engineering, nursing and other fields.

There are currently five degrees available in Chemistry with different areas of emphasis:

  1. Bachelor’s in Chemistry degree (ACS Certified)

    This curriculum meets the standards of the American Chemical Society (ACS) and is recommended for students intending to enter the chemical profession or intending to pursue graduate work in chemistry. Students who successfully complete the requirements for the Bachelor’s in Chemistry degree will receive a certificate from the American Chemical Society indicating that their degree meets the standards of the Committee on Professional Training. If the student takes Chemistry 423 (Environmental Analytical Chemistry) and Geology 425 (Geochemistry) as electives in the Bachelor’s in Chemistry program, the American Chemical Society certification will reflect this as a certification of a Bachelor’s in Environmental Chemistry.

  2. Bachelor’s in Chemical Sciences

    This major in chemistry is intended for students needing a broadly based, flexible science background.

  3. Bachelor’s in Biochemistry

    Students completing the Bachelor’s in Biochemistry degree will be prepared for career opportunities in the biotechnology, forensics, environmental, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and medical fields. Students will also be well prepared for graduate-level study in biochemistry, biotechnology, and genetics and molecular biology. Additionally, Biochemistry is an excellent choice for students desiring to attend professional training in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Law or Engineering.

  4. Bachelor’s in Forensic Chemistry

    This major is intended for students who wish to pursue a career in fields involving forensics. Students are strongly encouraged to engage in a Forensic Chemistry related Capstone Experience (CHM 491).

  5. Bachelor’s in Environmental Chemistry

    Students completing the environmental chemistry major will be prepared for career opportunities in environmental chemistry, toxicology, environmental policy, and consulting. Additionally, Environmental Chemistry is an excellent choice for students desiring to attend professional training in Law, or Safety, or Industrial Hygiene.

A Grade Point Average of 2.0 in 1) all required Chemistry courses; 2) all Chemistry courses; and 3) all required Chemistry courses taken at Marshall will be required for all degrees.


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