Bachelor’s in Education – Marshall University

The Bachelor’s in Education degree program provides several areas of emphasis for prospective students. These include Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, and Secondary Education.

Students may select from the following teacher education programs to major in.

Majors Available:Early

  • Childhood Education

  • Elementary Education K-6 Comprehensive

  • PreK-Adult Education

    • Art

    • Japanese

    • Music

    • Wellness

  • Secondary 5-Adult Education

    • English

    • General Science

    • Mathematics

    • Social Studies

    • Spanish

  • Secondary 9-Adult Education

    • Biological Sciences

    • Chemistry

    • Physics

  • Additional Endorsement Programs

    – These are optional programs that must be couples with one of the above listed majors.

    • Early Education PK-K

    • English 5-9

    • General Science 5-9

    • Mathematics 5-9

    • Mentally Impaired K-6 or 5-Adult

    • Social Studies 5-9

Applications for Student Teaching must be completed the semester previous to enrolling for this experience.


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