Bachelor’s in Fine Arts – Marshall University

The Bachelor’s in Fine Art’s degree is a professional degree designed to prepare students to enter careers as professionals in their chosen artistic disciplines, pursue professional studies at the graduate level, and apply principles learned through the fine arts to the myriad life choices all graduates make, regardless of vocation.

Students enrolled in the Bachelor’s in Fine Arts degree program will select one of three majors: music, theatre, or visual arts. Within each major, students are further required to select a major area of emphasis, allowing specialization.

Majors and areas of emphasis are as follows:

  • Music Major

    1. Jazz Studies

    2. Multidisciplinary Studies

    3. Performance

    4. Theory and Composition

  • Theatre Major

    1. Performance

    2. Production

  • Visual Arts Major

    1. Ceramics

    2. Fibers

    3. Graphic Design

    4. Painting

    5. Photography

    6. Printmaking

    7. Sculpture


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