Bachelor’s in Foreign Languages – Marshall University

The Bachelor’s in Foreign Languages degree program helps students develop several areas of critical thinking. These include observation, analysis, logical reasoning, memory, and adaptability. In learning to understand, speak, read, and write a foreign language a student acquires direct access to another view of the world at a time when intercultural understanding, at both the national level and international levels, had become an urgent priority.

The Department of Modern Languages at Marshall University offers four different languages to major in. Students who have been enrolled in language course for three or more years should take a placement exam to see where in the elementary/intermediate (101-204) sequence they should begin their language.

Students who are native speakers of languages other than those taught by the department can receive a foreign language waiver provided that they can demonstrate speaking, listening, read and composition skills in that language.

Languages Offered:

  • French

  • German

  • Japanese

  • Spanish


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