Bachelor’s in Humanities – Marshall University

The Bachelor’s in Humanities major offers concentrations in Classics, Philosophy, and Religious Studies (CL/PHL/RST). This major is unique in two ways: Students may choose coursework equivalent to a major in a single department or create a broader curriculum of their choice from various humanities courses, and our program also has a strong interdisciplinary side. The goal of the program is to help us deepen our understanding of ourselves and our culture by exploring the way human beings find meaning in their experience. We explore these ways by studying both our own individual insights and the artistic, philosophical and religious works that have expressed and shaped human experience.

In general, a Bachelor’s in Humanities degree provides a broad base of knowledge and intellectual skills that enable individuals to be flexible and versatile in a constantly changing job environment. In particular these degrees provide: a) a solid basis for professional training in law and medicine; b) preparation for occupations connected with Classical Archaeology; c) a basis for work in various government positions where there is a long tradition of hiring people with a classical background; and d) preparation for occupations connected with education, which include teaching in public and private schools as well as at the college and university level.


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