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A Bachelor’s in International Affairs combines studies in economics, geography, history, and political science and emphasizes the study of a foreign language. A major in international affairs must meet the specific and general requirements for the B.A. degree except as altered by the following requirements:

  • The student will concentrate on a single foreign language. A minimum of nine hours is required beyond the 112-hour sequence. All available conversational courses should be taken. Reading track courses may not be credited to the International Affairs major.

  • The following courses are required:

      • Economics 250, 253, and any two of 340, 408, 420 or 460

      • Geography 405 or 317

      • History 103, 331, 404, 405, and any non-American history courses

      • Political Science 104, 209, 405, 406

  • The Student shall also develop a sequence of courses consisting of a minimum of 12 hours among the following:

      • Anthropology 201, 437

      • Economics 466, 467

      • History 301, 302, 314, 376, 377, 400, 425, 426, 429, 430

      • Political Science 333, 407, 408, 409, 410, 411, 415, 422, 423

  • A regional geography course in the area of the student’s interest is highly recommended.

  • With the approval of the advisor other courses may be substituted or added, such as special topics offerings, area studies courses, summer workshops, or internships.

  • International Affairs majors shall, in their senior year, take the designated capstone courses in either economics, history or political science. They should declare their intent on a form, filled out with the help of their advisor, at the beginning of their junior year so as to allow space in their schedule to take the department capstone course(s) when offered.


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