Doctorate in Nurse Anesthesia – Marshall University

The Doctorate in Nurse Anesthesia degree program is an innovative practice doctorate developed jointly by the Lewis College of Business and the Charleston Area Medical Center Health Education and Research Institute School of Nurse Anesthesia. The program offers a unique combination of advanced professional nurse anesthesia practice and entrepreneurial business management training.

Students in the program learn competencies and knowledge required for advanced nurse anesthesia practice; develop general management skills related to running a private practice or entrepreneurial business; and meet state and regional needs for advanced-level anesthesiology in diverse health care environments. The 36-month program is delivered in an integrated classroom and clinical format designed to prepare certified registered nurses for a career in the field of nurse anesthesia. At the end of the program, graduates will have completed 127 hours of study and clinical practice as well as a comprehensive doctoral research project. Students attend classes at the Marshall University South Charleston campus as well as the Charleston Area Medical Centers medical facilities in Charleston.


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