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The goal of the Education programs is to provide coordinated, sequential programs of study in an identified area of education. These programs provide educators, and those in education-related fields, venues for Master’s Degrees, Graduate certificates, and Specialist degrees.

The Master of Arts in Education consists of a set of core course requirements, an area of emphasis requirement, and a capstone experience. All students must complete 15 hours of coursework in research, human growth and development, technology, instructional methods and assessment. Each student must also select an area of emphasis consisting of 18-21 hours of required coursework, depending on the area of emphasis. Students will meet the comprehensive assessment requirement through the framework of a 3-hour capstone experience.

Areas of emphasis:

  • Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education program is designed for qualifying individuals seeking an advanced degree (already PK-K licensed) or additional teacher licensure in PK-K (already elementary licensed). Completion of graduate level courses and programs in early childhood education may lead to licensure renewal, added endorsements, pay increases, or promotion.

  • Elementary Mathematics Specialist

The goals of the Elementary Mathematics Specialist are to strengthen mathematical content knowledge, mathematical teaching methods, and leadership of elementary teachers for Grades K-6. The courses in this mathematics program emphasize deep learning of mathematical content as well as progressive mathematics pedagogy appropriate for elementary students.

  • Institutionalized Processes and Strategies 

This Area of Emphasis focuses on instructional applications and classroom utilization of technology to improve teaching and learning.

  • Mathematics through Algebra I

This Area of Emphasis is available to teachers who hold a valid professional license in any area other than mathematics. Satisfactory completion of the required courses and passing the Praxis II meets the requirements for this added endorsement in West Virginia. The goals of this Area of Emphasis are to provide mathematical content knowledge and mathematical teaching methods to prepare middle school mathematics teachers.

  • School Library Media Specialist

The Area of Emphasis in Library Media provides an added endorsement for elementary and secondary teachers who have met initial licensure requirements. The program prepares K-12 teachers to manage school library media centers, collaborate with faculty to support the school curriculum and facilitate information literacy.

  • Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL)

The Area of Emphasis in Teaching English as a Second Language provides an added endorsement for elementary and secondary teachers who have met initial licensure requirements. The purpose of the program is to prepare teachers who work with learners who enter schools with a language other than English


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