Master’s in Geography – Marshall University

The Master’s in Geography program offers a supportive atmosphere featuring responsive, accomplished faculty and state-of-the-art facilities. The faculty maintains a flexible curriculum, involves students in research, keeps offerings updated with changes in the field and the job market, and helps students obtain internships.

Students are prepared to succeed as professionals in today’s job market through an innovative curriculum focusing on building critical thinking, technical, and practical skills across a range of human geography, physical geography, and geospatial information science (GIScience) courses. The curriculum includes a mixture of classroom and lab instruction, hands-on projects, and professional internships experiences that actively engage students in the learning process and provide the skills necessary for lifelong learning. The geography department maintains state-of-the-art facilities, including technology enhanced classrooms, a physical geography lab, and a GIScience computer lab, supporting students as they utilize the latest software and hardware. The department provides a supportive learning environment where students work closely with faculty and peers while enjoying numerous opportunities to participate in campus, state, and national professional activities.

Geography alumni have successfully applied their knowledge and practical skills in a variety of career paths in both the public and private sectors, including urban and regional planning, economic development, environment planning, natural resource and energy management, weather forecasting, emergency response and homeland security, GIS analysis, and education.


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