Master’s in Health Informatics – Marshall University

The Master’s in Health Informatics provides students with high quality education and training that will make them valuable employees in today’s data- and information-driven health care enterprises. Health Informatics is a multidisciplinary profession on the cutting edge which utilizes Information Technologies and Information Management techniques; and integrates them into the health care arena.

Students will focus on three core areas of study:

  1. Information Systems –  Focuses on the issues of information system analysis, design and implementation, management, and leadership.

  2. Informatics – Focuses on the study of structure, function, and transfer of information, socio-technical aspects of health computing, and human-computing interactions.

  3. Information Technology – Focuses on computer networks, databases, system administration, programming and security.

The combination of skills and knowledge acquired through coursework, together with student internships in the health informatics field at the academic, government or industry levels, provides students with the high quality multidisciplinary education and real-world training that will result in valuable employees who are well prepared for the multifaceted demands and complexities in today’s data- and information-driven health care enterprises.

There is a huge demand for Health Informatics professionals. With the advent of the new digital age, Health Informatic majors are needed by organizations to help store, retrieve, and process medical data.


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