Master’s in History – Marshall University

The Master’s in History program is designed to prepare students with research, writing, and analytical skills. Students receive personal attention and direction that is often not available at larger graduate programs.

Students must choose between the Thesis Option or the Non-Thesis Option. Students who plan to continue their education should choose the Thesis Option. They also must maintain a 3.0 Grade average on all graduate work applicable to the degree and any student who receives a letter grade of ‘C’ or lower will be withdrawn from the program.

History concentrations available:

  • U.S. History

  • European History

  • Asian History

  • Middle Eastern History

  • Latin American History

  • African American History

  • Women’s History

Alumni from the History program are employed in a variety of fields from law to city planner and serve on the faculty of History Departments across the United States.

Students who have not completed an undergraduate major in history must have at least 15 hours of undergraduate courses in history, including 12 hours in the World and American history surveys. Students with deficiencies may be accepted provisionally and may be asked to take undergraduate courses suggested by the Director of Graduate Studies before full admission to the program.


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