Master’s in Teaching – Marshall University

The Master’s in Teaching degree program provides students with an alternative way to attain teacher certification who already have degrees in liberal arts, fine arts, and professional fields. This program provides professional education courses with clinical experiences, necessary to prepare individuals for teaching a specific content area in grades PreK-Adult, 5-Adult, or 9-Adult. In the last semester of the program, students are enrolled in a 15 week full-time student teaching experience under the supervision of a certified teacher.

After graduation from the program, it is recommended that all graduates take the certification in Elementary Education or Special Education. The Master’s in Teaching course does not offer certification.

Areas of Emphasis:

  • Grades PreK-Adult

    • Art Education

    • Japanese

    • Music Education

    • Wellness

  • Grades 5-Adult

    • English

    • Mathematics

    • General Science

    • Social Studies

    • Spanish

  • Grades 9-Adult

    • Biology

    • Chemistry

    • Physics


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