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The Bachelor’s in Graphic Design degree program focuses on the structuring of visual information to aid communications and orientation. Students will be encouraged to seek their own freedom of expression and creativity, to install the spirit of fine craftsmanship, to develop skills and competencies in the various art media and techniques and to help students become conversant with the philosophy and psychology of both historical and contemporary art forms.

Students are are required to submit a portfolio for review prior to acceptance into ART 483 Graphic Design III. The review will be conducted by the art faculty and will take place in the spring semester of each academic year. Prior courses taken up to that point will be assessed by their Grade Point Average (GPA), specific design projects, and a writing sample. Students who fail the review will be unable to take the fall course and will be suggested a 12 month plan for remediation. They will also be allowed to submit an updated portfolio in the following spring semester.

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