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The Master’s in Education degree program is a 36 credit hour course of study leading to a Master’s in Education degree. This course is open to graduate level students and is designed to provide Master’s level work for individuals.

Areas of Emphasis

  • Advanced Teaching

    • The Advanced Teaching emphasis is designed for studenrs seeking ceritification via an alternative route or interested in foundation pedagogy skills. Coursework includes student assessment, development and leaning, curriculum, classroom management, use of educational computers and other technoology, special education and diverity, and school law.

  • Community Education

    • The Community Education emphasis is intended to aid students in the development of becoming professional educations, research, and leaders in non-formal environments and non-profit organizations.

  • Leadership Studies

    • The Leadership Studies emphasis prepares professionals for leadership posititons with their chosen profession and the understanding of why and how great leaders flourish in society.

  • Advanced Special Education

    • The Advanced Special Education emphasis is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of educators who already possess a degree and/or certification in special education.

  • Multi-Categorical Special Education

    • The Multi-Categorical Special Education emphasis is designed for students desiring a comprehensive overview of special education as well as educators with exisiting elementary certification or secondary certification in English, Math, Science, or Social Studies, who desire to acquire an additional endorsement in special education.

  • Reading Specialist

    • The Reading Specialist emphasis is designed for educators or others wishing to expand upon their knowledge of literacy with a special emphasis on multi-sensory based instructional practices. Coursework includes early and emergent literacy, word structure knowledge, delivery of reading assessments with resulting targeted interventions, advanced literacy instruction in comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary acquistion, developmental writing, and spelling.

  • Sports Leadership and Coaching

    • The Sports Leadership and Coaching emphasis is designed for individuals working or desiring to work in school, university, and community sports programs.

  • Technology Integration

    • The Technology Integration emphasis is designed for individuals who desire to integrate technology to improve instruction and learner achievement in the traditional, hybrid, and online teaching environments in K-12 schools, higher education, community colleges, and industry.

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