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The Department of Chemistry offers courses to acquaint all college students with the basic principles of chemistry and the role of this science in the world today. The degree programs are designed to create an atmosphere where each student can develop an inquiring mind, the ability to think objectively, and the skills needed to seek new knowledge through independent research. The goal of the Department of Chemistry degree programs is to prepare students for careers in the industry, government, health care, or education, or the pursuit of advanced degrees in graduate or professional schools.

The Chemistry Department at WVSU offers the following program:

4-year Bachelor of Science Degree Program

The 4-year BS Program offers the following 3 options.

Option A – ACS Certified

  • Follows the guidelines of the ACS Committee on Professional Training

  • Provides the necessary background for admission to graduate programs in chemistry

  • Provides a superior background for students wishing to pursue a career in the chemical industry

  • Curriculum includes directed research with a chosen faculty member

Option B – Applied Chemistry

  • Provides background for students interested in many scientific fields

  • Prepares the students for entry-level chemistry positions

Option C – Pre-Medical/Pre-Pharmacy

  • Provides the students with a strong background in chemistry and biology

  • Prepares the students for admission to medical and/or pharmacy school

  • Prepares the students for pursuing medical and health-related careers


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