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The Bachelor of Arts in International Studies is an interdisciplinary degree program designed to prepare students for the multicultural global village in which we live. In a modern world of increasing interdependence and rapid change, the need is critical. Knowledge of the world broadens the mind, challenges prior biases and limitations, and fosters an appreciation of diverse societies and cultures.

Course Descriptions

INTS 210 Introduction to International Studies (3 credit hours)

The course draws from history, anthropology, political science, sociology, and literature. It focuses on ways of looking at the world, an investigation of issues that arise as we try to study the world from an international perspective. It is largely a course on who we are as individuals: how we fit into the “global society” as individuals, institutions, groups of peoples, communities, networks and nations; what are our most important concerns; and who defines and controls all of this.

INTS 250 Diversity in Africana Studies (3 credit hours)

This course explores the lived experiences of groups connected to the African diaspora in a complex changing world. It examines how the African presence has impacted life, culture and history in our multicultural world. While the course focuses on persons of African descent in the Americas and other parts of the world, it provides some discussion of various groups of non-African descent and how they have had to come to terms with their presence. This course examines historical and contemporary issues. (May substitute for GED 200).

INTS 399 Special Topics in International Studies (3 credit hours)

Whether as a special topic course on campus, a study abroad experience, or an independent study, this course will use readings, lectures, group activities, travel, and hands-on experiences that will move the student along a journey that views subject matter from a global perspective. Thus stated, the course seeks to enable a student to develop a better understanding of various areas of study, e.g. culture, identity, language, economics, communication, as seen through a global prism.


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