Bachelor’s in Political Science – West Virginia State University

Welcome to the Political Science program at West Virginia State University. We are proud to boast three unique aspects to our program, namely our highly qualified faculty, our proximity to the State Capital – the polestar of state and local government, and our student-centered approach to baccalaureate education.

Our program complements WVSU’s institutional Mission and Vision Statements: “…to meet the economic development needs of the region through innovative teaching and applied research.” The department embodies the land-grant institution mission statement; it builds upon the University’s overarching emphases on public and community service. We are a program of “lifelong learners,” that develop “human capacities for integrity, compassion, and citizenship.” Moreover, our program enables its graduates to reach into their communities with a new skills-set that enhances their ability to enrich those communities and those persons inhabiting them.

The Political Science Department has many exceptional students that are doing great things. Many of these student are literally facilitating in WVSU’s efforts to develop “human capacities for integrity, compassion, and citizenship.”

Our students are reaching into their communities with knowledge, skills, and abilities to bring enrichment to those inhabiting them.


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