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The Bachelor of Science Program prides itself in currently being the only college and/or university in the State of West Virginia that is recognized nationally by theNSCA’s National Education Recognition Program. This particular recognition recognizes programs at accredited institutions of higher learning that meet the national standards set forth by the NSCA.

Passed graduates of our program have pursued cariers in Athletic Administration, Athletic Coaching, Physical Therapy, College/University Strength and Conditioning Coach, Personal Training in both the general wellness community and the corporate wellness community, youth sport directors at YMCA’s and professional officiating. Many graduates have continued their education in programs of graduate studies in areas of their particular interest. Keep in mind also that graduates from this program can apply to Entry Level Graduate Athletic Training Education Programs.

Welcome to the Department of Health and Human Performance

We are excited that you are exploring our website. The Department of Health and Human Performance offers three degree programs; Health Sciences, Recreation & Tourism and Sports Studies. The content courses for teaching specializations in Health Education and Physical Education are also delivered for the Education Department. The department is committed to preparing students in their pursuit of knowledge and skills to become responsible members of society, while encouraging life-long learning; to enhance the quality of life within a diverse society.

Central to the success of any department is its faculty. Our department looks forward to providing you with the guidance and personal assistance necessary for you to reach your academic goal–to obtain a degree. All students are expected to meet with their faculty advisor each semester.

Our Mission

To prepare qualified professionals to serve and lead in a global society.

Curriculum for BS in Sports Studies – West Virginia State University


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