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Our Master’s Degree in Biotechnology is a unique graduate program in the life sciences that emphasizes skills for the 21st century biologist. At West Virginia State University, you will learn state-of-the-art Biotechnology as you conduct research that addresses environmental, agricultural, and bio-medical problems. Our program provides instruction in the broad field of Biotechnology, as well as specialized training in sub-disciplines of Biotechnology. With a research-based Master’s in Science (MS) degree, you will be prepared for diverse careers in Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Health Care industries, and Environmental Sciences. Our coursework-based Master’s of Arts (MA) degree is especially suited for the career advancement of professional educators.

About the Program

The West Virginia State University Biotechnology Graduate Program is housed within the Department of Biology. It consists of 13 Ph.D. faculty and some 20 students. In addition, our affiliation with the Research Scientists of the Gus R. Douglass Institute for Land Grand Research provides opportunities to choose from a surprisingly diverse variety of research projects.

Curriculum and Program Options

We divide the broad field(s) of Biotechnology into two areas of concentration: Organismal/Environmental and Molecular/Microbial. Biotechnology education is built on five core courses: Current Concepts in Biotechnology (lecture), two semesters of Techniques in Biotechnology (lab), Biostatistics, and Biotechnology Seminar. All students teach two semesters of undergraduate courses.

The MS Degree continues with four electives in your chosen areas of concentration, plus research, writing, defense, and public presentation of your own Master’s Degree thesis work.

The MA Degree continues with six electives in your chosen area of concentration, plus a comprehensive exam covering your Master’s coursework.


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