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The College of Business and Economics consists of six departments: Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, Management Information Systems (MIS), and Marketing. The College offers two baccalaureate degree programs: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) with a choice of seven academic majors: Accounting, Finance, General Business, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Management, Management Information Systems, and Marketing; Bachelor of Science (BS) in Economics.

All students earning BSBA degrees take the 39 credit-hour core business curriculum. Students earning a Bachelor of Science in economics must earn 24 credit hours of core coursework designated by that program.

Core curricula prepare students in important ways. The dynamic global environment of business presents many new challenges, and smart students realize they need a broad knowledge of business combined with skills in technology to meet these challenges. The core curriculum is modeled on the dynamic relationships among the functional areas of business – marketing, finance, accounting, and management (including management information systems) – as they occur in the real world of business. It emphasizes the skills students need to successfully shift challenges into opportunity: independent thinking, decision-making, managing information, and adapting to a changing workforce.

In addition, based on input from the business community, this curriculum builds a solid foundation in core business principles and the crucial skills needed to compete in the changing job market. Throughout the curriculum, we emphasize strategies for timely, well-reasoned decisions and skills to help you.

Beyond the General Education Curriculum (GEC), a student must complete the courses as required for graduation by the degree program in which you matriculate and the major you declare. For degree requirements and an outline of a typical plan for each major, visit the page(s) of the major(s) that interest(s) you.

Admission Requirements for Majors

Students must meet the following requirements in order to take upper-level courses within their declared major:

  • A minimum overall GPA of 2.5

  • Completion of a minimum of 45 semester hours at the end of the semester in which the application is filed

  • English 101 and 102 or 103 with a minimum grade of C

  • Computer Science 101 with a minimum grade of C

  • Accounting 201 and 202 with a minimum grade of C (Minimum grade of B for Accounting majors)

  • Economics 201 and 202 with a minimum grade of C (Minimum grade of B for Finance majors, and B or better in either 201 or 202 for Economics majors)

  • Economics 225 or Statistics 211 with a minimum grade of C

  • Math 126, 129 or 153 with a minimum grade of C

  • Math 150, 154, 155 or higher level of college calculus with a minimum grade of C. (Minimum grade of B in math 150 or a minimum grade of C in math 155 for Finance, Economics and MIS majors.) Students who successfully place into Math 150 or a higher level of college calculus and earn a minimum grade of C in the course are waived from having to complete Math 126 or Math 153.

A competitive GPA greater than 2.5 may be required for some majors.


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