Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering – West Virginia University

 The Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering degree program provides students with extensive teaching in the Aerospace field. curriculum includes studies in the disciplines encountered in the design of aerospace vehicles, missiles, rockets, and spacecraft. The curriculum consists of a judicious combination of fundamentals, including mathematics and sciences, and practical laboratory experience which provides access to modern engineering tools.  Aeronautical engineering subjects are to be the focus of the discipline along with significant exposure to space-related topics. The undergraduate curriculum is sufficiently broad to permit graduates to select from a wide variety of employment opportunities, it contains sufficient depth to prepare students to enter graduate school to pursue advanced degrees.  As modern science and engineering become more complex, the desirability of graduate-level preparation is being recognized by most advanced industries and government agencies.

Undergraduate students extensively study the basic principles of aerodynamics, solid mechanics and structures, stability and control, thermal sciences, and propulsion.  The senior year includes a capstone flight vehicle design course providing an experiential learning opportunity.


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