Bachelor’s in Biometric Systems – West Virginia University

 The Bachelor’s in Biometric Systems degree program is designed to give a broad and in depth understanding of this field. Uses of biometric systems for positive personal identification are experiencing rapid growth in such areas as law enforcement, access control, banking, and a wide range of business and administrative systems. In an even broader application context, biometric systems are having a revolutionary impact on health care and the enhancement of the human computer interface, including in vivo identification of specific human conditions via implantable devices and the automated administration of life-saving medical therapies. The continued rapid advance of integrated sensor, signal/image processing, computer, and mass storage technology promises to extend these applications further into our daily lives with even the most inanimate objects able to identify, interact with, and assist their users. Curriculum for this course includes classes in Molecular Genetics, Chemistry, Microprocessors, Biometric Systems, Computer Science, Data Structures, Electrical Circuits and Bioengineering.

Areas of Emphasis:

Microsensors and Circuits

Signal Processing


Software Systems


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